Who We Are


We are a multicultural and multi-ethnic congregation.

In an effort to reflect the wider community, St. Paul’s seeks to grow as a multi-ethnic congregation, where people of diverse racial and economic backgrounds “worship, work, and walk together.”

IMG_4262Even as a predominantly white congregation since 1887, St. Paul’s has been one of the pioneer churches in this area, that opened their doors to persons of other ethnic groups, as you see in the stained glass window in the sanctuary that intentionally features children of different skin colors. However, in 2013, St. Paul’s started realizing that having a few token people in the congregation is not enough, but that churches should stop making Sunday 11:00 am “the most segregated hour in America.”

Currently, Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians worship together. If you are looking for a church where everybody becomes friends and family regardless of their backgrounds and cultures, and where true friendship in Jesus Christ that overcomes all barriers and prejudices is explored, please join us. We know it is not easy, but we are dedicated to making it happen, by actively learning even from mistakes. Please join us in this endeavor, so that together we can reflect heaven!


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