UMCOR, The United Methodist Committee on Relief is an arm of the United Methodist Church dedicated to alleviating human suffering around the world. It provides humanitarian relief when war, conflict or natural disasters disrupt life to such an extent communities are unable to recover on their own. UMCOR provides survivors with temporary relief and long term education, training and support.


It was established by the 1940 General Conference (as MCOR) with the intent of being a temporary agency to “respond to suffering among peoples overseas after the onset of World War II.” World conditions were such that the agency was renewed every 4 years and in 1972 became part of the General Board of Global Ministries and renamed UMCOR.

Scope of Work:

UMCOR works in partnership with all U.S.Annual Conferences, Central Conferences and many national and international groups. Areas of work include:

Disaster Response: U.S. and international

Global Health: Malaria and Ebola

Global Development: Building wells and improving sanitation.

Country Offices: Armenia. Haiti, Sudan, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zumbabwe, Georgia, and Sri Lanka.

Refugees: Working closely with Church World Service (CWS)

Justice for our Neighbors (NJFON): Immigration ministry

UMCOR Supply Depots: Baldwin, LA and Salt Lake City, plus conference based units in seven other areas (One is in Terrell, NC, near Charlotte.)

Relief Supply Kits: Bedding, Birthing, Cleaning Bucket, Health, Layette, School, and Sewing Kits.

Fair-Trade Products: UMCOR connects United Methodist consumers with Fair Trade Certified companies and other socially responsible businesses. This includes:

  1. Equal Exchange (coffee, tea, chocolate, olive oil)
  2. Eco-Palms
  3. Prosperity Candle
  4. SERRV

Cooperative Efforts with United Methodist Women: The Sager-Brown Depot property on Baldwin, LA is owned by the national office of United Methodist Women; and local units of United Methodist Women all over the country provide hundreds of kits annually. In 2013 women of the Western North Carolina Conference donated 4858 assorted Kits.

Headquarters and Staff:

UMCOR is a unit of the General Board of Global Ministries, located at 475 Riverside Drive, NYC, NY 10115. The Rev. Dr. Denise Honeycutt is the chief staff member. It is a 501c(3) organization working in the US and over 89 countries.


UMCOR operating expenses are underwritten by the annual One Great Hour of Sharing offering, one of six Special Sundays with Offerings. This enables 100 percent of each designated gift to be used for program.

When national or international disasters occur gifts should be designated:

#901670, National Emergency; and/or #982450, International Disaster.


Additional information and up-to-date reports can be found on as well as Facebook and Twitter.


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