Young Adults’ Group

Probably the group at St. Paul’s that has the deepest racial diversity may be our Young Adults’ group. Some of them grew up in the church since childhood, and some others joined them when they20140817_125359 entered the University of North Carolina at Asheville which is nearby. White, Black/Native American, Asian, Hispanic, regardless of their racial/ethnic backgrounds, these young adults embrace one another as friends and deepen their friendships through weekly gatherings at church after Sunday’s worship service. Wonderful cooks in the congregation have graciously taken turns to provide their lunch, calling it their cooking ministry! These young adults share leadership in the worship service, do the community work, tutor kindergarteners and 1st graders at Claxton Elementary School which is right across the street from the church, go on mission trips, and enjoy their fellowship through small and large group activities. 20140817_131104Pastor In-Yong calls them “truly cool” people, unlike the so-called “cool” ones that are actually not cool at all. Why don’t you come and join their genuine Christian fellowship?



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