St. Paul’s Preschool is a highly esteemed, small intimate program with a low student-teacher ratio that privileges creative play and imagination. We have a staff with diverse backgrounds with many gifts and talents to share. We believe in supporting the whole child – meeting every individual child where she or he is developmentally, and exploring fun and creative ideas with them. We reinforce the value of respect, community, love, patience and acceptance.IMG_1574

St. Paul’s Preschool operates Monday-Friday 8:30-12:30, and our school is a year-round program. Registration for the fall is held in February for families already enrolled in the program. The remaining openings are filled from the waiting list. Families are placed on the waiting list in order of their school visit.

You may visit the preschool Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00-11:00am – noIMG_1565 appointment necessary. You may contact Beth Hook at (828) 989-5590 or by email for additional information.
St. Paul’s Preschool is a vital ministry to the church and to the community. Because of this, the mission of the preschool is not doctrinal but relational, open to all faiths or none.
You have our commitment that we will care for, nurture, and lovingly guide your children in every way. Children leave our program ready for Kindergarten. They are engaged, self-assured and eager for their next new adventure in learning.

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1 thought on “Preschool”

  1. I just learned of your preschool being very good for a 3 y.o. I was told your program begins at 12 months old, is that accurate? Also was told there is an afternoon program available. I assume you have a very long waiting list, as everywhere else.
    I’ve suggested to my daughter to contact you to get in a wait list since she anticipates being on wait list for at least another 6 months for her 8 month old. Thank you.


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