Community/International Outreach/Missions

St. Paul’s is dedicated to working in partnership with various organizations and individuals locally and internationally to offer support — financial, physical and spiritual. We strive to show the love of Christ, not only in our church and community, but throughout the world.

Local Mission/Outreach Organizations & Individuals that St. Paul’s Sponsors

  • ABCCM (Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministries) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to reach out to the total person — to help that person begin to take charge of their own life and to solve their own problems. It is ABCCM’s goal to restore human dignity. St. Paul’s donates funds and food on a monthly basis. The ABCCM Shelter is always in need of volunteers. If you would like more information about ABCCM, call 259-5300 or visit their website at: www.ABCCM.org.
  • Habitat For Humanity is an ecumenical housing ministry building houses in partnership with people in need. Habitat builds with volunteer labor, then sells the houses at no profit, through no-interest loans, to families who otherwise would be forced to live in substandard housing. Habitat offers a hand up, not a hand out. St. Paul’s joins with Habitat yearly by supporting through financial donations and physical labor. If you would be interested in volunteering or helping Habitat, call 251-5702
  • “Reading Buddy” program at Claxton Elementary School is a school-year-long program to help kindergardeners and first graders with their reading skills, because we have learned from poverty seminars how poverty keeps children from growing physically and academically, and how it perpetuates the deadly cycle of poverty/failure/possible incarceration. The focus is building relationships, so that through meaningful relationships the children may grow confident and competent, overcoming the limitations that their immediate environments impose on them. Those of you who are interested in signing up for once a week, 30-minute tutoring with one child, please call St. Paul’s office at (828) 252-6512 or e-mail at vera1@stpaulsumcasheville.org.
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry: With loving prayers, shawls are made to comfort those who face illness, surgeries and/or hospitalization.  If you are interested in this caring ministry, please contact Sandra Crouch at (828) 298-3979.
  • NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meets every Saturday from 8-9 pm in the Fellowship Hall.
  • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) – Tuesdays 6:00-8:00 pm in the Peace Classroom.

National/International Mission/Outreach Organizations & Individuals St. Paul’s Supports

  • The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) UMCOR, The United Methodist Committee on Relief is an arm of the United Methodist Church dedicated to alleviating human suffering around the world. It provides humanitarian relief when war, conflict or natural disasters disrupt life to such an extent communities are unable to recover on their own. UMCOR provides survivors with temporary relief and long term education, training and support.
    St. Paul’s members support UMCOR to help feed and clothe people who have experienced a national disaster, either nationally or internationally.  Our gifts have brought hope in places where despair and suffering are overwhelming. Through UMCOR we give very tangible evidence of our Christian compassion to the needy, feeding the hungry, transforming lives as we try to respond, to restore, and to rebuild their communities in an effort to carry forward Jesus Christ’s eternal message of hope!



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