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St. Paul’s United Methodist Church
223 Hillside Street
Asheville  NC  28801

The Rev. Dr. In-Yong Lee, Pastor

Bill and Patsy Pott, Editors




Mission/ Outreach


United Methodist Women

Church Calendar

Permanent Endowment Fund




ABCCM Update

Each “last Sunday” of the month the foodstuffs collected for ABCCM will be presented as part of the morning offering. In January, 7 bags were delivered to ABCCM and 12 for February. Please give generously of non-perishable foods. One item per week per person could make a significant statement.

Offering Distributions

The General Board of Church and Society has just announced grants from two 2014 Special Offerings:

Human Relations Day: $46,193 was awarded to 7 programs in Nigeria, Mozambique, Congo and Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference.

Peace with Justice: $20,000 was awarded to 4 programs in Alaska, Alabama, California, and DC.

Program details were not given.

Church World Service

UMCOR partners with many groups, one of which is Church World Service (CWS). CWS receives major support through the annual CROP walks. Here are selected items from their 2014 Annual Report:

  • 116,000 persons took part in the CROP Walk.
  • 7778 refugees were helped to start new life in the U.S.
  • 854 Roma women and children received access to education and livelihood programs.
  • 44,658 Students, Teachers and School Committee members directly benefitted from increased capacity and educational support through the School Safe Zone programs.
  • 16,012People in Rural Cambodia have gained improved access to food, water and sanitation.

UMCOR – 75th Anniversary

UMCOR was established by the 1940 General Conference of The Methodist Church. Bishop Herbert Welch described it as a ”voice of conscience among [United] Methodists to act in the relief of human suffering without distinction of race, color or creed.”

Special Offering

Gifts for “One Great Hour of Sharing” and the Lent/Easter offering will be reported next month.

Barbara E. Campbell, Chairperson

Upcoming Anniversaries

April 6 Skip and Bobbye Henry



In Memoriam

Pauline Precise, a retired deaconess,

joined our Unit last September. Health concerns prevented regular attendance and in January she was moved back to Alabama, where she died March 6th. Pauline was a longtime member and leader in United Methodist Women.


In spite of medical appointments, the flu and bad weather, members have continued to participate in various events:

January, 5 members attended the Church Women United (CWU) Human Relations Day service.

March 14: 5 attended the CWU World Day of Prayer service.

March 21: Ten (10) are registered for the District Prayer Breakfast.

Call to Prayer & Self-Denial

This annual observance was the feature of the March meeting. Betty Swarthout, a retired deaconess, led the program on the theme, “A Gesture of Gratitude.” The special offering received was $1825 to date.

United Methodist Women’s/UMCOR

Partnership: Maternal Health

A new partnership, “Abundant Health for Women and Children” was announced at the 2014 Assembly in Louisville. The national office of United Methodist Women and UMCOR are working to “break the silence around discussing women’ sexual needs.” Goals: raise awareness globally around the challenges and barriers that need to be overcome; and support and strengthen programs that have proven records.


A program at Henderson Settlement in Frakes, KY is an early recipientcrossandflame of UMCOR funds to assist “MIHOW” – Maternal Infant Health Outreach Worker.” It is a parent-to-parent intervention designed to improve health and child development for areas with limited access to health care. Young community mothers were employed as the case workers. (See December, 2014 response for details.) Henderson Settlement is a National Mission Institution receiving money from United Methodist Women’s Mission Giving.


United Methodist Women of Mozambique and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) conducted a workshop on “the awareness and prevention of fistula.” Sixty (60) women attended. United Methodist Women’s Mission Giving also supported this effort.


Barbara E. Campbell, President.



Calendar for April


1 10:00 UMW @ B/H

2 7:00 Maundy Thursday Communion service

3 Good Friday Service @ St. m\Mary’s Episcopal Church n Charlotte St. at noon

4 8:00 NA

5 7:00 Son Rise Service; 7:45 Son Rise Breakfast ; 11:00 Easter Sunrise Service; Chicks w/a Mission following worship

6 Office closed for Easter Monday

7 8:30 Prayer; 5:30 Steadfast House Circle

8 7:00 Choir

11 8:30 NA

14 8:30 Prayer; 5:30 Spanish Speaking Small Group @ Gloria’s home; 5:30 Steadfast House Circle; 7:00 Boy scouts

15 7:00 Choir

18 8:00 NA

20 1:30 Nance Circle @ B/H

21 8:30 Prayer, Steadfast House Circle

22 7:00 Choir

25 8:00 NA

28 8:30 Prayer; 5:30Steadfast House Circle

29 7:00 Choir



Upcoming Birthdays


April 3 James Shannon Roof
April 3 James Shawn Roof
April 7 Mitzi Tessier
April 8 David James Fulghum
April 17 Ellen Cashion Jr.
April 27 Terry Rogers
April 28 Skip Henry
April 28 Chasti (Paige) Hite
April 28 Rosemary Scheuerman
April 30 Mary Bledsoe
April 2 Michael Doucette Sr.
May 5 Horst Beckerwerth
May 5 Mary Ann Neese
May 5 Mackynzie Smith-Wolf
May 6 Huey Warner 
April Counters


April 5 Betty Letzig/Barbara Campbell

April 12 Bill and Patsy Pott

April 19 Jeannette Byrd/Bobbye Henry

April 26 Sandra Crouch/Holly Elledge


Permanent Endowment Fund


“But just as you excel in everything..in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us…see that you also excel in this grace of giving.”

II Cor. 8:7

On March 17th, the consulting firm, PRC (Practical Resources for Churches ) conducted a Webinar entitled: “The Generosity Project: A Cross+Generational Approach to Stewardship” based on the following beliefs:

“1) All generations are to be equipped as stewards of God’s abundant grace.

2) Generosity is essential to the daily expression of one’s faith and best formed and practiced in households, with the support of the congregation.

3) When values and finances are discussed among people of all ages trust is built and faith nurtured.

4) The understanding of stewardship needs to be expanded.

5) AS Christians, our lives, our identity and daily decisions as consumers are shaped by God’s story in Jesus.

“Do you feel the grace of giving?” was the question asked by Cummings First UM Church in Cummings, Ga, in a recent stewardship campaign. They summarized their challenge thus:

“Once our hearts belong to the Lord, the giving of our money flows naturally. Through us, the Lord supplies the needs of our churches as they seek to spread his Word, and through us, those in need ae served….IN giving, God is the point of origin and destination, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega.”


Betty J. Letzig, Chair


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